• Plaza Carpet Cleaning Air Duct Page

    What are you breathing in your home? What’s in the air that circulates throughout your house? Contact Plaza Carpet Cleaning today. We'll take the dirt right out of those ducts.

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  • Plaza Carpet Cleaning Rug Page

    What dirty secrets are hiding in your home or office area rugs? Rugs can harbor all sorts of contaminants including dirt and bacteria.  Banish them now - the professionals at Plaza Carpet Cleaning can help. Our professional cleaning service leaves your rugs clean and fresh.

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  • Plaza Carpet Cleaning Page

    All carpet cleaning is not equal! We use truck mounted equipment wherever possible in order to get carpets cleaner and leave them drying faster. You don't have to settle for stained or dirty carpeting and rugs. Call us today. We can help!


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  • Plaza Carpet Cleaning Furniture Page

    When is vacuuming not enough? Anytime your furniture is exposed to typical contaminants - pet hair and dander or spills and accidents. Maintain the beauty of your furniture and protect your investment. Let the professionals at Plaza Carpet Cleaning take care of all your furniture cleaning needs.

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  • Plaza Carpet Cleaning Mattress Page

    Did you know that your mattress can double in weight in as little as 10 years because of dust mites, pet dander and shed human skin? Let the professionals at Plaza Carpet Cleaning clean your mattresses today!

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  • Plaza Carpet Cleaning Pet stain and odor removal page

    Pets are family too! Odors created by pets are often the most difficult to find and get rid of.  The most important step in treating this type of odor is to determine the source. Our professional team is equipped with detection tools that will help identify the source so we can offer the right solution.

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  • Plaza Carpet Cleaning Tile and Grout Page

    Are your tile and grout floors looking dreary? Tile and Grout cleaning will bring back the beauty and luster to your floors while removing bacteria and other contaminants. Your tile will have a fresh clean appearance. Call Plaza Carpet Cleaning today!

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  • Plaza Carpet Cleaning Water Damage Page

    If you've ever experienced a water leak or flooding issues, you know the panic, the frustration and the fear that follows. Time matters. So do results. Count on our Emergency Response Team at Plaza Carpet Cleaning to quickly provide drying and restoration solutions. We'll help you get your home back to normal.

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