• Carpet Cleaning: How To Choose A Reliable Company

  • How do you choose a reliable company to clean your home or office carpeting?

    Carpet cleaning is one of those chores best left to professionals. Treating stained areas of carpet must be done right if you don’t want the stains to remain. Professional carpet cleaners not only have the right equipment to get the job done, they have proper training in the use of the equipment and supplies. How do you go about choosing the proper carpet cleaning company? Here are some suggestions to help you:

    How Long Has the Company Been in Business?

    Is the Company Established?

    Is the Company Established?

    Service companies tend to come and go. The best carpeting cleaners are those that have been in business for awhile. The odds of them packing up and leaving town in the middle of your job are low. An established company that has been around for at least a few years has had time to earn a reputation while gaining valuable experience.



    What Carpet Cleaning Methods Does the Company Use?

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    What Equipment Do They Use?

    Carpet cleaning equipment comes in different forms. Some companies use truck mounted equipment. This type is usually considered the best when it comes to results. Some companies use portable cleaning equipment. It is generally believed that the portable carpet cleaning equipment results aren’t quite as good as the mounted machine results. Some companies keep both available so they can fit the appropriate machine to each job.

    What Kind of Carpet Cleaning Prices are Advertised?


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    Advertised Prices Aren’t Always the BEST Prices!

    Online ads and print ads often feature carpet cleaning specials (2 Rooms Only $49.95! or 1 Room Only $8.95!). Unfortunately, such offers are usually a “Buyer Beware” situation. The fine print details reveal that the offer is only for the minimum service and the company swears you need the maximum service when they come out to do your carpet. There is also some misunderstanding about room size. The ad doesn’t give dimensions so you may find out that your living room is not one room but two or more!

    Legitimate companies do not use rip-off techniques – not in their advertising and not in their cleaning. Room size quotes should be based on square feet.



    Just because a carpet cleaning company is not advertising their prices does not mean that you can’t afford them!

    It just means they are avoiding advertising practices associated with shady offers and unscrupulous companies. Take advantage of the free quote they offer and see what they can do for you.

    What Are Other People Saying About the Company?

    good reputation

    What Are Others Saying About the Company?

    If a friend, family member or co-worker has used a particular carpet cleaning company and gotten a good result, you will probably have heard about it. People share good news. Don’t be afraid to ask for the name of a good company. You can also go online and see how a company is rated by previous customers. Angie’s List and website testimonials are two ways to see what others are saying about carpet cleaning companies.




    Is the Company Known for Being Reputable and On-Time?


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    Professionals Will Be on Time (Or Have An Explanation & An Apology!)

    It’s easy to schedule appointments. Many companies, however, find it difficult to keep those appointments. You spend time making sure someone will be home and that everything will be ready for the carpet to be cleaned only to find yourself sitting there, hours past the appointment time, waiting for a so-called “professional” who stands you up. Some don’t even bother to contact you and apologize. They leave you to chase them down, find out what happened and to re-schedule.

    Since promptness is a very necessary part of busy lives today, you are likely to find online comments regarding how the carpet cleaning company deals with time – yours and theirs. Other customers may not mention that the crew showed up on time, but they almost always mention any lateness that occurred. When checking out the company reputation, don’t neglect this aspect. A professional will call you and let you know if something has come up and the appointment must be delayed or even re-scheduled for another date or time.


    Does the Company Rep Listen When You Speak?


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    If the Company Won’t Listen to You, Choose a Company That Will Listen!

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you contact the carpet cleaning company. How much does it cost? How long will it take? What do I have to do to get the room(s) ready? If you have any specific concerns, now is the time to ask.

    If the person you are speaking to is rude or avoids answering any of your questions, end the conversation. Rudeness is one of the potential signs that a company is NOT reputable. The person you are speaking to should:

    • understand the question you are asking
    • provide an easy to understand reply
    • consider your concerns legitimate
    • deal with your concerns in a professional way
    • make an effort to deal with those concerns in a way that works for you and the company

    For instance – you are a woman who lives alone and are not comfortable with a stranger coming to clean your carpet. A legitimate company will understand your fear. They can (1) provide you with the number of a previous customer who is in your situation and can vouch for their professionalism, (2) make arrangements to show up when you have a friend present, (3) make arrangements to be accompanied by a female staff member.

    Perhaps the last carpet cleaning company you paid for services left you with an empty wallet and carpets and flooring that were still stained, dirty and stinky. If, for some reason, your carpet cannot be saved and is beyond cleaning (unusual but it can happen) a true professional will tell you so and not waste your time or your money.

    Making the Call

    call carpet cleaning company

    When You’ve Chosen The Company, Make The Call!

    Dirty carpeting can be just another stress in your life or it can be a serious health hazard. Whatever the issues with your carpeting, there is no reason to put off making the call. A professional will expect you to ask questions and have concerns. They’ll be up front with you when answering your questions and will offer a free quote. You can determine how much money and time you’ll have to spend before you get out your wallet or credit card.

    Choosing the right company will save you stress, time and money in the long run. So how do you choose a reliable company? Do your homework in advance so the odds are greatly increased that you’ll get a wonderful result. There’s nothing like the feel and smell of clean carpeting and flooring – Especially when the entire experience is a pleasant one.