• Superior Carpet Cleaning Service


    Carpet Cleaning Qualifications

    Plaza Carpet Cleaning harnesses the power of all natural ingredients to provide you with the cleanest carpets possible. Our secret solution is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute, the Indoor Air Quality Association, and has the Green Seal. What does this mean for you? That our product is so green it doesn’t emit harmful odors that make you cough or irritate your asthma, that it leaves your carpet soft beneath your feet, and it’s the best gift you can give your family.

Carpet Cleaning Process

    Plaza Carpet Cleaning follows an 8 step process to ensure the highest quality carpet cleaning for your home. Our high pressure sprayer distributes our non toxic, water-based solution evenly across the carpet penetrating the carpet fibers. Plaza’s truck mounted hot water extraction wand is then used to remove loosened, embedded dirt along with soap (from previous carpet cleaners), oil, and other debris. Often times, people will complain with traditional carpet cleaning that their spots reappear. With our hot water extraction steam cleaning process, Plaza Carpet Cleaning is able to remove even the deepest stains. With our 30 day warranty you can rest assured we will take care of those stains.

    Our fee covers the cost of additional services that other carpet cleaners will charge extra for. Plaza Carpet Cleaning distributes fans to speed the drying process so by the time we leave you are left with dry carpets in your rooms. Moving furniture is also included in the fee along with pre-vacuuming.

With every cleaning you will receive all inclusive:

    • Walk through upon arrival
    • Furniture Moving (not pianos, china cabinets, entertainment centers, armoires, beds)
    • Pre-vacuuming (upon request)
    • Pre-treatment & Spot treatment
    • Deep steam cleaning
    • Fans to speed drying time (as needed)
    • Return the furniture
    • Scotchgard (Optional)
    • Client Walkthrough

    We stand behind our carpet cleaning detail and guarantee you will love the results. Still have questions about our process or what you need to do? Then check out our carpet cleaning detail service article.