• Duct Cleaning

  • Why Should You Be Concerned About Air Duct Cleaning?

    What’s in the air that circulates throughout your home?

    Dust, debris, allergens, and other contaminants.

    Over time these pollutants build up in your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system and can trigger allergies causing respiratory irritation at home and business. In addition to these conditions, energy efficiency is reduced, leading to increased heating and cooling costs.

    Why Choose Plaza Carpet Cleaning?

    Do you really want to trust the quality of your Home or Business air quality to just any duct cleaning firm? Plaza Indoor Services has the most qualified professionals in the industry. System inspections are overseen by a Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant, CIEC accredited by ACAC through the Indoor Air Quality Association, IAQA. Our courteous, insured, professionally trained technicians use the following process:

    • Our technicians thoroughly pre-inspect your home’s air duct system. You will be informed of the air duct cleaning services needed along with the cost of such service before any service will be performed.
    • Our technicians clean all registers/grilles, and the entire air duct system using a powerful negative air system along with specialized tools. Our technicians can also discuss the option to thoroughly clean the blower and the “A” Coil.
    • As needed, areas will be zoned off to ensure that the entire system is cleaned properly.
    • All dirt and debris is removed to our containment system.
    • Our experience technicians will put the air duct system back together and clean up any remaining debris in the work area.
    • Our methodology follows the guidelines of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).
    • Other related services are available for an additional charge, such as air filter replacement, clothes dryer vent cleaning, etc.
    • Written safety, respiratory, and confined space programs in addition to OSHA compliance reports.
    • Onsite equipment to conduct a visual inspection at any time during the cleaning.
    • Trained and certified employees to complete the work—not subcontractors.
    • A Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) will inspect and certify the job.

    We offer great deals in air duct cleaning. Our air duct cleaning services help you maintain the highest level of Indoor Air Quality of your home. You can breathe easier thanks to our professionally trained air duct cleaners and state or the art equipment.

    air duct cleaning

    Our Techs are Certified Professionals.

    Maintain communication and limit mess:

    Throughout the cleaning process, we coordinate with you so as to limit our work areas helping to prevent disruption of  your “business as usual”.

    Post-cleaning inspection and report:

    After cleaning, we complete a final inspection of our work and can provide you with before and after images as a visual record of the work that has been completed. We’ll also make you aware of any damage or defects that may be discovered within the ducts during cleaning, so you can arrange for any necessary repairs.



    At Plaza Indoor Services we use only our own employees, never subcontractors, to inspect and clean your total HVAC system.

    Breathing easier starts with our free, no obligation quote :

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