• FAQ: Does Carpet Cleaning Make Carpet Wear Out Faster?

  • Does carpet cleaning make carpet wear out faster or will it help carpeting to last longer?  Many people avoid professional (and DIY) carpet cleaning because they believe carpet cleaning will cause the carpet to wear out. They’re wrong. Not only will cleaning help your carpets last longer, not cleaning might affect your warranty. Some manufacturers will void wear warranties if you DO NOT get your carpeting cleaned.

    Professional Cleaning Helps Preserve Carpeting

    carpet cleaning carpet lasts longer

    Regular carpet cleaning helps carpets last longer – preserving both the look and the feel.

    Scheduling professional carpet cleaning is one way to protect the investment you have made in flooring. Carpet is available in a wide range of styles and types. Some are made to last longer than others. Cheap carpeting has a much shorter lifespan than does quality carpeting that has been well maintained.

    Ordinary traffic, the daily walking through the house, tracks dirt and other particles across carpeting. These particles tend to be abrasive – wearing and tearing the carpet fibers. Not only is your carpeting no longer clean, it may even become rough and scratchy.

    Add unusual weather or situations and carpeting can be exposed to even more damage. Snow, mud, pets, small children and people who are ill can add to the stress to your floor coverings. Do you use DIY products on your carpeting? You might be speeding up the wear process instead of slowing it down. Some cleaning products leave behind a residue that acts as a dirt magnet, drawing even more dirt deep into the carpeting.

    One study shows the life of typical carpeting in an average home to be somewhere between three to five years – if cleaned regularly. If not professionally cleaned on a regular basis, that life expectancy goes down. If there are pets or children in the home, that life expectancy goes down more.



    Carpet Cleaning May Be Required to Preserve the Carpet Warranty

    Some carpet manufacturers actually require regular carpet cleaning in order for warranties to remain in effect. Carpet that is free from debris does not wear as fast. It is not uncommon for carpeting warranties to address vacuum cleaner use. It is important to make sure your vacuum cleaner is the type recommended for your carpeting. If it is not and you continue to use it, you may void the carpet manufacturer warranty.


    Does carpet cleaning lead to worn out carpets? Not if done the way it should be. Proper carpet care will extend the life and look of your carpeting, thereby giving you a better return on your flooring investment. Yes, it takes a bit of time, and money, but it is well worth it if you want to enjoy the benefits of clean carpeting. Clean carpeting lasts longer, contributes less to allergies and breathing problems and looks good. If it’s been awhile since you enjoyed the look and feel of clean carpeting, grab the phone and contact Tara or Sue at Plaza Carpet Cleaning.