• FAQ: Getting Coffee Stain Out of Carpet

  • Getting coffee stain out of carpet doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You don’t have to live with dirty carpet.

    Coffee Stain = Ugly Stain

    coffee on carpet

    Coffee in the cup is great. Coffee on the carpet – not so great.

    Coffee stains tend to be ugly. So ugly, in fact, they are often mistaken for pet stains that were missed or ignored. They leave your carpeting looking dirty and unappealing. They can also harbor bacteria. You can take steps to clean up the stain yourself. Do be aware that if you use the wrong solutions, you can damage your carpeting and even make the stain a permanent one. If you are in doubt about what to use on your carpeting, call in a professional.

    Blot On

    The first step in dealing with spilled coffee is to soak up the liquid – preferably without spreading it in an even larger area of your carpeting. Use a dry white cloth towel or a small stack of paper towels. Press them down against the spill. If the spill is a large one, you’ll have to keep replacing the paper towels as they become soaked. You can easily spread the stain or make the situation worse if you don’t keep changing towels. Once you have blotted up as much of the coffee as possible, you can treat the affected area with a solution that will remove the dirty looking stain.

    Home Remedies for Coffee Stains in Carpet

    The most popular home carpet cleaning solution is that of water, white vinegar and dish washing detergent (one with NO bleach). Mix 1 cup of water, 1 cup of distilled white vinegar and 1 tsp of dish detergent. Put mixture into spray bottle. Shake well. Spray affected area. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. Blot. Spray with water only (rinse). Blot. Repeat process until stain is gone. If the stain does not respond, call a professional carpet cleaner.

    Ready to Use Carpet Cleaning Products

    Local discount and home improvement stores sell a variety of carpet cleaning sprays and solutions. Before using any solution, read the label to make sure it is compatible with your type of carpet. Test the solution in an out-of-sight area to make certain it won’t damage or stain the carpeting. There is also the risk of voiding the warranty on carpeting by using unapproved cleaning products. Many carpet cleaning products can damage skin. Wear gloves and apply the solution carefully. Do not breathe fumes – make sure there is plenty of ventilation.

    Just because coffee has been spilled on your carpeting doesn’t mean you have to live with a permanent stain. You can take steps to remove the coffee and restore your carpeting. The simplest, and often best, solution is regular carpet cleaning by professionals. This way, all stains, dirt, grime and bacteria are removed from the carpeting. Your flooring is fresh and clean. You have avoided the risk of damaging your carpeting with the use of improper chemicals as well as the risk of making the stain permanent instead of removing it.

    If you are in the Kansas City or Des Moines areas, call Sue or Tara today. They can help you restore the cleanliness and beauty of all of your flooring.