• FAQ: How Do I Remove Blood Stains From Carpet?

  • The only thing worse than a red wine stain on carpet is a blood stain on carpet. Or so it feels when it’s your carpeting. Fortunately, if you take prompt action, you can prevent blood stains.

    Methods to Remove Blood Stains

    blood stain in carpet

    When dealing with blood on carpet, it’s important to act fast and use cold water.

    As with clothing, when dealing with blood stain on carpeting, always use cold water. The cold will keep the blood from getting deep into the carpet fibers. Many professionals recommend beginning with cold water. No additives. Just the cold water and clean towels to blot the area. If you’ve ever gotten fresh blood stains out of clothing, you’ve seen how cold water dissolves the blood and leaves the fabric free of stains or spots. The effect is the same on carpeting. It’s just a little more difficult to rinse the area.

    If the carpet area you are working on is a large one, start on the outer edges and work your way in. This helps prevent making the stain even larger.

    For Stubborn Blood Spots

    If you have tried the cold water alone method and aren’t getting the results you’d like, you can consider using a grease-removing dish detergent or one of the oxy products.

    Dish Detergent Method

    Fill a spray bottle with cold water and add a couple of teaspoons of Dawn dish detergent. Spray the mix onto the affected area. Spray generously, until the entire spot is soaking wet. Then use the normal paper towel (or clean white cloth) blot technique. Keep blotting until all the blood is on the towel. Rinse with cold water. You may have to repeat the process a time or two to get all of the blood out of the carpet. Just make sure you are using cold water each time.

    Oxy Product Method

    Some homeowners swear by oxygen-powered products for carpet stains. Products like OxiClean® can be used – just substitute cold water for the recommended warm that the label calls for. Shake well in order to mix as much as possible. Apply, blot, rinse, repeat.

    Repeat Treatment As Necessary

    Removing blood stains often requires persistence and repeated applications of the liquid,blot, rinse, method. Don’t give up if the spot is still there after your first application of liquid. Continue at least a couple more times.

    If the spot is a large one or if it just refuses to be removed, call in a professional carpet cleaner. Take care of the problem immediately, before it worsens.

    Air Dry

    Once you are satisfied that the blood has been removed, blot the area to remove as much liquid as possible. You can then use a portable fan (or turn on a ceiling fan) to speed up the drying process.