• FAQ: How Long Does Carpet Last?

  • How long does carpet last? What kind of return should you expect on the investment you make in flooring?

    Certainly faq-463345_1280a reasonable question, especially when you consider what it costs to purchase and install carpeting. Unfortunately, there is no cut and dried answer. The correct answer depends upon several variables, including the quality of the carpeting and the care it is given. The good news is that there are steps you can take to help ensure a longer life for your carpeting.

    Carpet Quality

    Carpeting is available in all types of styles, colors and fibers. Better quality carpeting usually comes with a warranty or guarantee on how long it will last. The higher the quality of the carpeting, the longer it will last (and cost!). The life expectancy of average quality carpeting in the average home (kids, dog, etc.) is two to five years. Two years is not a high return on your investment – unless you were perhaps given the carpeting at no cost.

    Carpet Care

    Proper care of carpeting will help extend the life (and look!) of the carpeting.  This includes taking steps to minimize tracked dirt and other particles (wiping or removing shoes), regular vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner that meets the carpet warranty specs, immediate clean up of spills and stains, and regular cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner.  While the vacuum cleaner helps remove surface dirt and grit, professional cleaning goes deeper, removing particles that are deeper in carpet fibers. Dirt and grime particles can be very abrasive – wearing and even tearing or cutting carpet fibers. Worn and torn fibers don’t look good or feel good. They also trap even more unwanted particles. Proper care stops the abrasive process and preserves the carpeting.

    Extending Carpet Life

    For the best return on your flooring investment and the best impact on your surroundings, take an active role in preserving your carpeting.  Follow the recommended care tips discussed above. Make a habit of taking care of your carpet. This way you will increase the life expectancy of your carpeting.