• Get Rid of Black Lines Around Carpet Edges

  • Solid black lines around the edges of your carpeting – following the baseboards, beneath closet doors. Sooner or later, you’ll probably find them on your carpeting. The black areas (official name – filtration soil) are from your home’s HVAC system. The stains start small, microscopic, then build up until they become easily visible. They are created by air traveling throughout your home. If you live in a newly constructed “airtight” home, you are more likely to have filtration soiling or black line build up on your carpeting. In older, less airtight homes and buildings, the filtration particles tend to blow away via cracks or open doors and windows.

    DIY Black Line Removal

    Many people simply call in the professionals when it comes to dealing with black lines. If you want those lines gone now, call the pros at Plaza Carpet Cleaning today and schedule an appointment. If you’d rather give the do-it-yourself method a try, continue reading.

    Tools for Filtration Soil Removal

    pat don't rub black line stains

    Clean terry towels are used for blotting when removing black line stains from carpeting.

    You probably already have the necessary items on hand. They are typical things found in most homes. You’ll need:
    • A brush (soft bristle)
    • A bucket
    • A fan (if there’s a ceiling fan in the affected area, you can simply turn it on when you’re done)
    • Clean cloths (preferably terry)
    • Detergent (water based)
    • Gloves (latex or household)
    • Pot (large)
    • Vacuum Cleaner (preferably with crevice attachment)
    • Water (warm)


    Preparation for Removal of Black Lines

    rubber gloves

    Use gloves to protect your hands during the removal of black lines.

    Gather together everything you will need to do the job. If necessary, move the furniture around so that you have easy access to the affected areas. Begin by thoroughly vacuuming the lines. This will help loosen and/or remove the accumulated dust, debris and grime. Use the crevice attachment for your vacuum cleaner so that you can reach close to walls, baseboards, etc.

    Fill the bucket with one gallon of warm water. Add 2 cups of detergent and mix well. You can wear gloves if you wish to keep your hands dry. Use a soft-bristled brush to apply the water-detergent mix to a section of the black stained area. Use a light scrubbing action to break up the particles in the black line. Continue until stain disappears. You’ll probably have to dip your brush in the detergent several times and scrub for a few minutes if the stain is a tough one.

    Once the stain is gone, fill a large pot with warm water. Dip the cloth into the water then wipe the area of carpet that you’ve been scrubbing on. Rinse the cloth, wring it out, and repeat the process to thoroughly remove the soap mixture from the carpeting.

    Use a fresh, dry cloth to dry the section of carpeting once the area is clean. Press the cloth onto the area. You can even stand on it for a moment. Pressing the cloth hastens absorption of the water. Repeat the process on all black line areas. Typical locations include around baseboards and walls and beneath doors.


    Use Fans to Speed the Drying Process

    The treated areas should not be soaking wet when you are done. They will, however, be damp and it is not safe to let carpeting remain damp. The moisture encourages the growth of bacteria, mildew and even mold. You can use box fans or turn on the ceiling fan in the room in order to speed up the drying process and discourage moisture problems later. Turn fans on a high speed for the best result.

    Professional Filtration Soil aka Black Line Removal

    Professionals have the equipment to remove black lines.

    Professional Carpet Cleaners have the equipment to remove black lines along walls, baseboards and other areas.



    If black lines persist after all of your efforts to remove them or if you are unable or uninterested in dealing with them, let the professionals take care of it for you. Professional carpet cleaners are experienced in the removal of filtration soil. They have the proper equipment and solutions and know how to use both. Their methods will be safe and will not leave you dealing with soaking carpet. For more information on the removal of filtration soil (black lines) contact the experts at Plaza Carpet Cleaning today.