• Greene County / Springfield Missouri Water Damage Restoration

  • Water Damage Restoration

  • Plaza Water Restoration is coming into the greater Springfield Missouri area starting Saturday January 16th to help with flood damage clean up.  Because of the massive damage caused by flooding we have decided to help a community that we really care about.  My family is from the Springfield area and we spend many summer weeks at the area lakes.  As a result, we have decided to bring all of our equipment and help out the community.  So if you have water damage call us now to get on the schedule.  

  • Water Restoration Tips

    Here are some key items to remember when a flood happens. 

    1. Ensure that the area is safe. 
      1. Make sure the water is not being charged by an electrical circuit.  You do not want to get electrocuted walking in water.
      2. If its flood or sewer water DO NOT enter the area with out proper equipment.  You can be exposed to all kind of bacteria and viruses.  Hepatitis is often spread through contaminated water
    2. If you can, move belongings into an unaffected area.  If you can’t move the items, try to place foil under the legs to stop or minimize damage
      1. Water will damage furniture woods, stains and metals. 
    3. Call a professional to extract and remove all the flood water from your home. 
      1. This is extremely important as it is the first step to get your home dry
    4. The professional should work with your insurance company if you have coverage.  The only amount you should pay is your deductible up front.  If someone is trying to charge you more be cautious.
      1. If you are not covered by insurance make sure you get an upfront estimate.
    5. The professional should set drying equipment and ensure that a drying chamber is created.  The point here is that you want the water restoration company to dry as fast as possible to prevent mold and bacteria growth.
      1. Mold can start to grow within 24 hours in the right conditions.
      2. Once mold starts it CANNOT be killed, it must be removed
      3. So get your home drying AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
      4. If you get mold the damage to your home can sky rocket.  Mold remediation can cost 3 – 5 times more than water damage alone.
    6. Make sure that the drying company is taking daily readings of your home and the wet surface areas.  There is no way to dry a home without knowing what is wet and how wet it is.  Also there is no way to know when a home is dry without setting upfront drying goals.  Make sure your goals are clear and you know what the professional is trying to achieve. 
  • We at Plaza are the best at what we do.  Our company is family owned and operated.  I perform all the work with my dad and father in-law.  We are proud to be coming to Greene County, Missouri to help our close neighbors restore their property. You can rest assured that we will treat you home and belongings with the respect that they deserve. We also do not price gouge, our prices are the same in all scenarios.  We can save your money by preventing secondary damage to your home and furniture   Give us a call now so that we can get your home dry and get your life back on track.  

    So If you live in Springfield or in the surrounding areas call now to get on our waiting list.

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