• Healthy Reasons to Invest in Mattress Cleaning

  • Why Should You Consider Scheduling Mattress Cleaning?


    Sleeping is an important part of our lives yet the mattress beneath us gets little, if any, attention. This is not good. Dirty mattresses can harbor all sorts of health hazards. Covering new mattresses with protective covers is a good way to prevent mattress problems.  If your mattress is not wearing a cover, here are a few of the reasons you might want to arrange for professional mattress cleaning:

    Dust Mites


    Dust mites are microscopic creatures that feast on human skin flakes. The average individual sheds more than 10 million skin flakes every day. With that kind of shedding going on, it’s no surprise that dust mites aren’t confined to the bedroom. They’re found everywhere fabric is found:

    • carpet
    • furnishings
    • mattresses & bed covers
    • pillows
    • upholstery
    • toys

    According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  dust mites are in every home and present a proven health hazard.

    dust mite

    Tiny dust mites can cause Big allergies.

    Family members who are allergic to dust mites face the threat of asthma, hay fever and other respiratory illnesses from exposure to dust mite droppings and body parts.

    Trivia: It’s not the mites that people are allergic to. It’s the feces of the mites.

    One dust mite can produce 200 times it’s body weight in excrement. One female dust mite can lay 300 eggs. That’s a lot of mites and a lot of excrement. Dust mites can live without food for months.

    Dealing with Dust Mites

    There are steps you can take to limit the effect of dust mites. Every week you should wash bedding & stuffed toys in hot water. Make sure all items are completely dry before using them. (Stuffed toys can also be placed in plastic bags and put in the freezer for at least 24 hours.) Vacuum furniture and carpets.

    Consider using dust-proof, anti-allergy pillow and mattress covers, available at many stores.

    If you or other family members have allergies, consider consulting a professional mattress cleaner.

    Bed Bugs


    bed bug

    Bed bugs are related to cockroaches.


    Bed bugs are parasites that feed on blood. The name comes from the fact that they prefer to stay in bedding and sleep areas. They tend to be most active at night. Most people sleep right through the event and are unaware of the bites until they wake in the morning.

    Bed bugs are often responsible for health issues including rashes and allergy symptoms. When they are done feeding, they retreat nearby.

    This retreat is often to areas of bedding or furniture. For this reason, it’s important to look beyond bedding when inspecting for bed bugs. They have been found in all sorts of items, including laptops.


    Signs of Infestation


    Bite marks on usually the first sign that bed bugs are present. The face, neck and arms appear to be the favored locations. The small size of the bugs makes them very difficult to locate. Their eggs are adhesive and can be found sticking to fabric seams and in dark areas.

                         Trivia: DNA from human blood can be recovered from bed bugs for up to 3 months.

    Droppings in the form of tiny spots found in patches around and under nests signal the presence of the tiny predators. Blood smears on sheets and empty bed bug skins are additional signs. The smell of rotting raspberries often accompanies bed bug infestations. Some companies are now using specially trained dogs to sniff out the parasites.

    Dealing With Bed Bugs


    There are several steps you can take to evict bed bugs. Vacuuming is one. Treating the mattress with heat is another. Like dust mites, bed bugs can live for long periods without eating so starving them isn’t an option.  And while cockroaches are a natural enemy to bed bugs, cockroaches are obviously not a viable method of treatment.

    There are pesticide treatments that have been used with success in the past (pyrethoids and malathion are two of them) but some studies show that bed bugs have developed a resistance to pesticides. Harm to family members and pets is another problem with the use of pesticides.

    Professional cleaners have the equipment necessary to thoroughly clean mattresses and furniture.

    Spills & Stains


    When it comes to cleaning bedding, don’t stop at the sheets. Go all the way to the mattress.


    Mattresses take a lot of punishment. Drinks get spilled on them. Pets and children have been known to urinate on them. (Or worse!) Sweat and body fluids can result in odors as well as stains. Bacteria can build up.

    For this reason, many manufacturers suggest cleaning mattresses at least once every six months. While it is easy to put bedding into the washer and dryer, the mattress isn’t quite so easy to handle.

    There are commercial mattress cleaning products that you can purchase and use. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions on the container.  Typically, the product is a spray one that you apply and allow to dry. Once dry, the area is thoroughly vacuumed.

    Upholstery shampoo is often used as a mattress cleaner. Again, it’s important to follow the directions.  Don’t forget to do clean both sides of the mattress!

    Urine stains can be treated with a spray containing equal parts water and vinegar. Spray the affected area then blot with a towel. For stubborn stains, repeat the process.

    Mattress Maintenance


    The best way to protect a new mattress is to cover it with one of the covers made specifically to keep out allergens and protect the mattress from bodily fluids, shed skin, spills, etc.  If you are bringing a used mattress into your home, inspect it carefully. You might be bringing microscopic roommates along with it.

    Treat spills, etc. immediately. This helps prevent the buildup of bacteria and helps preserve the life of your mattress.Inspect your mattress often, paying close attention to fabric seams.

    Consider using the services of a professional mattress cleaning company.  One that has the proper equipment and has been trained in the proper procedures to get your mattress clean and free of stains. Don’t let your health, or that of your family, be compromised by dirty mattress conditions or creatures. Make sure there’s nothing hiding in your mattress!