• Keeping Carpet Clean During the Holidays

  • Making Sure Your Holiday Is a Jolly One

    Keeping carpet clean can be a chore during the best of days. So how do you keep your carpeting clean while celebrating the holidays in true family style? clean before partyYou take a few precautions, watch out for accidents during get-togethers and check your flooring after the holiday is over.

    Spend a little time preparing before guests arrive and you’ll have more time to party once the gang’s all here.  Should a spill happen (and it might) don’t let it ruin your evening. Deal with it immediately then get back to the fun. If, heaven forbid, a spill results in a stain, contact a professional carpet cleaning service.  They’ll take care of it.

    Before Guests Arrive



    clean living room
    Now is the time to make sure your home is ready for guests. Start by removing all clutter from any areas your guests will be  frequenting. That stack of magazines on the end table? Move ’em out.

    Not only can table and counter top objects leave your room looking less than inviting, they can also contribute to spills and stains. Items on the floor can do the same. Put shoes and other items away where visitors aren’t likely to trip over them. (Or to spill food or drinks in them!)




    Empty trash cans and keep them that way. If someone should bump over a full trash can, the contents can leave a mark in the form of a stain on your flooring. The same thing can happen if someone tries to dispose of plastic or paper dinnerware in a waste container  that’s already filled to the brim and overflowing.

    Make Room in the Refrigerator

    clean refrigeratorDo you have guests bringing food or drink items? Is there room in your refrigerator to easily fit those items? If not, time to make  room. When you’re trying to fit a dish in a fridge that’s already bursting at the seams with food and drink, you can easily make a real mess. Food spills can result in nasty (and odorous) stains. Broken glassware can result in cuts and injuries.

    Clean out the refrigerator now, while you have time. Dispose of anything that’s out of date or old. Arrange what’s left in a way that leaves you with as much shelf space as possible. Then you won’t be facing panic issues when you’ve got leftovers or gifts of food and drink to fit in there.

    Make Room in the Coat Closet

    If you live in an area where your guests are likely to be wearing sweaters, jackets or coats, take the time to make room in the coat closet or designate an area to be used.  If you don’t have a coat closet, you can use a spare bedroom. Guests can leave their coats on the bed.  Keeping the wraps under wrap means you won’t have to worry about someone accidentally spilling drinks or food on them. This is easily done when everyone is trying to pile their sweaters or coats on the back of the furniture. All it takes is one accident and you’re looking at drink stains on your furniture and their clothing.


    Make sure your home is clean before guests are due to arrive. This includes upholstery, carpet and tile floors. Thoroughly vacuum carpets and rugs. Clean tile and grout. Vacuum furniture wherever possible.

    vacuumMake note of any stains or blemishes. When you check your carpeting after the holidays, you’ll need to be able to identify old stains from new ones. (If you want those old stains gone before the holidays, give Plaza Carpet Cleaning a call!)

    If a spill should occur while you are entertaining, you’ll be dealing with a fresh issue, not an old one. Should you spot a spill or stain after guests leave, you’ll know it is the result of something that just happened and can treat it as you would any new damage.


    Once Guests Arrive

    Make sure you have plenty of seating as well as plenty of places for guests to put drinks or plates down. Bumping glasses or colliding plates can leave you with a mess to clean up. Consider keeping food and drinks confined to specific areas of your home.  If you have pets who are excitable and get active when guests are present, consider confining the pets to a separate area of your home or yard.

    Be prepared

    Let’s face it – spills happen. Especially when you get a bunch of people in one place. Toddlers pat don't rubare walking spill machines. So are many pets. Excited children and adults can drop a glass or bump one that someone else is holding. Paper plates can give way, crumpling into soggy objects that allow food to slide right off.  If you must use paper dinnerware, use a sturdy brand. Consider using paper plate holders to deter spills.

    Stay calm and pat on

    When the spill you’ve been dreading actually happens, stay calm. Take a deep breath. Or two. Then deal with it. If the spill is something you can pick up or scrape up, do so. Cookie crumbs? Food pieces? Pick up as much of the solid material as possible. Blot the affected area with a damp towel. Wipe from the outside of the spill area to the inside.  This will help contain the spill and not make it an even bigger mess to deal with.

    Pat – don’t rub. Don’t let your aggravation lead you to saturating the area with cleaning solution then rubbing vigorously to get rid of the spill. You can actually make the spill a hard-to- remove-stain if you overdo the cleaning efforts.

    After the Party

    Once you’ve put away the leftovers and watched your guests depart, take a few minutes to do a walk-through. Pick up items that are out of place. Pay attention to carpeting as well as furnishings. It isn’t unusual for people to try to hide a spill or stain because they’re embarrassed or afraid to say anything.  The quicker you are in dealing with fresh spills and spots, the greater your chances of removing them. Realize that some spills and stains require professional help if you want to remove all traces of them.