• Oriental Rug Cleaning Mistakes

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    Professional Cleaning Extends the Beauty of Oriental Rugs

    Oriental rugs are a treasured part of home décor. Proper oriental rug cleaning and care will extend both the life and the functionality of the rug. A little bit of time and attention will go a long way in rug preservation.

    The one mistake many oriental rug owners make is in assuming that the rugs require no cleaning. Since this type of rug is often created to last several lifetimes, people tend to assume that the rugs will simply last forever, barring accidental damage.

    The truth is that oriental rugs should be regularly inspected and cleaned. Beetles and moths like the wool and silk fibers found in the rugs. Water spillage that isn’t properly cleaned up can result in fungus and the weakening or destruction of the rug’s foundation.

    Some oriental rug owners are quick to inform you that washing the rugs will shrink them. This is true IF the rugs are not properly washed. Well made, hand-knotted oriental rugs do not easily shrink when professionally washed.

    Wool felting or flattening of wool fibers can also occur when oriental rugs are improperly washed. Permanent texture change can occur if excessive heat and agitation cause the wool fibers to lose their shape and lay flat. Lower temperature cleaning and proper cleaning procedures prevent this from happening.

    Oriental rugs are frequently considered indestructible. This just isn’t so. Improper cleaning agents can ruin a rug in seconds. Highly alkaline cleaners are caustic to the wool fibers. If you’ve ever spilled chlorine bleach on an oriental rug, you’ve seen how wool literally dissolves when the bleach touches it.

    Professional inspection and cleaning of oriental rugs can prevent damage due to insects, heat, cleaning agents, and other rug enemies. Don’t expect an oriental rug to last forever just because it was intended to. Preserve the life, beauty and function of oriental rugs by trusting rug care to the trained professionals at Plaza Carpet Cleaning.