• FAQ: How Do I Remove Blood Stains From Carpet?

    The only thing worse than a red wine stain on carpet is a blood stain on carpet. Or so it feels when it's your carpeting. Fortunately, if you take prompt action, you can prevent blood stains. Methods to Remove Blood Stains When dealing with blood on carpet, it's important to act fast and use cold water. As with clothing, when dealing with blood stain on carpeting, always use cold water. The [...]

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    FAQ: Kool-Aid Stain in Carpet

    Kool-Aid Meets Carpeting If you are a homeowner who has experienced a Kool-Aid stain in carpet moment, you know exactly how it goes down. Someone, usually a small child, brings a glass of the brightly colored liquid (usually a red flavor!) into a room where they are NOT supposed to be bringing beverages at all.  Then it happens. In slow (but un-interceptable) motion - the glass tips, the liquid [...]

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    FAQ: Getting Coffee Stain Out of Carpet

    Getting coffee stain out of carpet doesn't have to be a nightmare. You don't have to live with dirty carpet. Coffee Stain = Ugly Stain Coffee in the cup is great. Coffee on the carpet - not so great. Coffee stains tend to be ugly. So ugly, in fact, they are often mistaken for pet stains that were missed or ignored. They leave your carpeting looking dirty and unappealing. They can also harbor [...]

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    FAQ: How Long Does Carpet Last?

    How long does carpet last? What kind of return should you expect on the investment you make in flooring? Certainly a reasonable question, especially when you consider what it costs to purchase and install carpeting. Unfortunately, there is no cut and dried answer. The correct answer depends upon several variables, including the quality of the carpeting and the care it is given. The good news is[...]

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    FAQ: Does Carpet Cleaning Make Carpet Wear Out Faster?

    Does carpet cleaning make carpet wear out faster or will it help carpeting to last longer?  Many people avoid professional (and DIY) carpet cleaning because they believe carpet cleaning will cause the carpet to wear out. They're wrong. Not only will cleaning help your carpets last longer, not cleaning might affect your warranty. Some manufacturers will void wear warranties if you DO NOT get your [...]

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    Get Rid of Black Lines Around Carpet Edges

    Solid black lines around the edges of your carpeting – following the baseboards, beneath closet doors. Sooner or later, you’ll probably find them on your carpeting. The black areas (official name – filtration soil) are from your home’s HVAC system. The stains start small, microscopic, then build up until they become easily visible. They are created by air traveling throughout your home. If[...]

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