• Water Damage

  • Flooding and Water Damage Issues Require Immediate, Professional Attention


    Water damage to your home or business can have a serious financial and emotional impact on you and your surroundings. Damage to your business can actually shut down the business until repairs are done. Damage to your home brings all sorts of issues. Issues you have to endure until the damage is fixed. There's a ton of details to take care of - paperwork that seems endless. Cleanup, repair and restoration to be done. That's where the professionals at Plaza Carpet Cleaning can help.

    We understand. Plaza Carpet Cleaning has been handling water damage and flood damage for over twenty years. We offer repair and restoration services to help you get your home or business back on track.

    Over the years, the process for restoring a home or business after water damage and flood damage has changed drastically.

    Once upon a time, the carpet and carpet padding were removed. Then sections of the wall were taken out in order to pinpoint the damage. After the damage was identified, it was time to start putting everything back together.

    Today, we use other methods. The focus is on complete structural drying of your home or business. Rather than take your home or business apart, rapid structural drying is used. This saves both time and money. It also reduces stress while creating a healthier, safer environment.

    Why Plaza Carpet Cleaning Services?

    Because we understand the damage water can cause to your home or business. Plaza Carpet Cleaning uses advanced equipment and techniques to remove the water quickly. It is vital that you call immediately to prevent further damage to your home or business.

    Flood, Fire and Water Services Provided by Plaza Carpet Cleaning Include:

    • Water Removal
    • Advanced Structural Drying
    • Storm Response
    • Contents Restoration
    • Contents Inventory
    • Biohazard/Vandalism
    • Carpet /Upholstery
    • Deodorization
    • Fire & Smoke

    The next time you are faced with fire, flood or water damage issues, give us a call. We offer emergency services 24/7. Our experienced crew is here for you. Let us help you limit the damage to your environment and your emotions. Call today 913-244-1429.